How difficult are your kits to install?

All Flat Out Engineering front and rear suspension kits are designed to be as easy to install for the average home builder as possible.  We don’t like to buy parts that don’t fit or that need to be modified and we don’t think you do either. Several of our rear kits, (such as Ford F-100 and ‘55-‘59 Chevy P.U.’s), are complete bolt on kits that only require you to drill some holes. Other rear kits are partially bolt on but require welding of some crossmembers or boxing plates. Most of our front suspension kits include boxing plates that must be welded to the frame rails and the crossmember has to be welded to the frame.  All upper and lower A arm and Control Arm mounts and the rack and pinion mounts are prewelded to the crossmember making it a one piece crossmember. You don’t have to figure out the geometry or mount separate upper top hats that are difficult to place properly and often hard to keep straight. We have tried to keep the welding to a minimum, but as in any frame or suspension installation it is important to have proper welding skills or a friend that does. All front and rear kits come with detailed instruction sheets and the necessary nuts and bolts are furnished.

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