Why is the Corvette suspension better than other Independent suspensions?

It is like comparing night and day. For one thing the C4 Corvette suspension was a design milestone in sports car suspensions. GM engineers worked for years on this to have a “World Class Sports Car” that would outperform the finest high priced European sports cars on the market. The forged aluminum spindle uprights, A arms, half shafts and control arms are not only light weight, but incredibly strong.  The light weight aluminum components give the suspension system a sprung to unsprung weight ratio that is unsurpassed.  This provides excellent ride quality with cornering and handling that out performs any other production vehicle. You can’t imagine how much fun it is to drive a Hot Rod or Classic Truck that corners and handles like a Sports Car.

Another BIG advantage if you are planning to drive your vehicle for many years and many miles is the availability of parts. Ball joints, brake parts, tie rod ends and any other parts that might wear with frequent use are standard GM parts and easily available at parts stores anywhere.

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